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World's Best Brass Hose Nozzle

Water Jet Nozzle Solid Brass Sweeper Sprayer From the World's Best Brass Nozzle Company

Water Jet Nozzle Solid Brass Sweeper Sprayer From the World's Best Brass Nozzle Company

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  • Great water jet sweeper nozzle flow, guaranteed to fit snug & connect to your hose without leaks, every time!
  • Get the full power & thrust of your faucet's high water pressure: has no water-saver device attached!
  • Very Heavy Duty! You can drop this on concrete anytime. It may get scuffed up, but it's going to still work great.
  • Set includes: 2 Solid Brass 2" Water Jet Sweeper Hose Nozzles; 6 Hose washers; Secret gardening method e-book
  • Guaranteed for Life: Solid Brass (not brass coated) Water Jet Sweeper Hose Nozzle. Entire core is one solid piece.

Made in USA!

Five Familiar Nozzle Troubles. Which do You Want to Overcome?

1. Other Nozzles Leak Everywhere
Some spray more water on you than elsewhere, especially if they are leaking at the hose connection. Don't stand for it!

2. Other Nozzles Break after Only One or Two Seasons of Use
Some only last a few uses before they start to leak & break. Buying a "cheap" nozzle every year adds up!

3. Other Nozzles have Inconsistent Flow
You may be better off holding your thumb over the hose than messing with other nozzles.

4. Other Nozzles have Multiple Fragile Parts
More things that easily break.

5. Other Nozzles Are Foreign & Cheaply Made
You get what you pay for!

Throw away your other nozzles.

Get The World's Best 2" Heavy-Duty Solid Brass Water Jet Sweeper Nozzle...

At first use you'll know the heavy-duty, quality SOLID brass feel of this nozzle in your hand.

It's the kind you remember using back in the 60's when things like this were made in the U.S.A. Or like the kind your grandfather used. The kind a 2-year-old can play with like drumsticks on your concrete driveway & still work great.

It is only one piece... not 2 parts "press" fit together (which is how many of the more inexpensive kind are made).

We guarantee it will fit snugly to your hose and work without leaks. If it doesn't, we'll send you a free replacement!

Want enough pressure to wash your car? Driveway? Sidewalk? It has no water-saver device, so you get the full power & thrust of your faucet's water pressure.

This can literally save you time, money, & effort.

Guaranteed to satisfy & survive or we will replace it for you... for life!

Included: 2 nozzles & 6 hose washers.

Purchase now & get this e-book free: How To Have A High-Yield, No-Till, Low-Work Garden.

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