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How To Have Your Own Amazing, High-Yield, No-Till, "Crazy Jungle" Low-Work Vegetable Garden

How To Have Your Own Amazing, High-Yield, No-Till, "Crazy Jungle" Low-Work Vegetable Garden

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How would you like to have a small, back-yard garden that:

~ Is weed-resistant
~ Is pest-resistant
~ Is very small and easy to start
~ Requires as little as just 10 hours of work per YEAR
~ Can feed your entire family

Is it magic?

Everyone knows how much hard work is involved in traditional gardening... tilling, weeding, hoeing, watering, fertilizing, spraying, and did I mention weeding and watering? The tasks never end.

It certainly seems like magic to imagine a garden that doesn't need any of those back-breaking tasks. A garden that has virtually no pests, never needs digging, has no need for crop rotation, has virtually no weeds, needs little water, and pretty much just looks after itself.

To top all that off, the garden just produces many times more than a traditional garden does, and it does so by itself, year after year after year!

Sounds like magic to me!

How could you get a garden like this for yourself? Easy! Simply duplicate nature. Nature has numerous very diverse and healthy systems that don't require any human interference.

The concepts in this book are based on science. They are based on following proven ecological principles. The goal is to setup your own natural ecosystem for your vegetable garden.

A Crazy Jungle Vegetable Garden is a revolutionary way of approaching the way that you garden. It may take some time to wrap your mind around its concepts, especially if you have always followed the rules and wisdom of conventional gardening.

It means gardening in less space with fewer hours of input, less weeding, less watering and less planting. You can plant in such a way that pest issues are greatly reduced and chemical fertilizers are not needed. You can grow your own organic produce instead of spending all of that money in the store. Once you have established your Jungle Garden, much of the work will take care of itself.

Establishing the garden is really where your biggest investment of time and some resources will be. However, doing it properly will give you huge returns over the years in a vegetable garden that will produce differing yields throughout much of the year, and in almost any region.

If you are looking for bountiful harvests without the commitment of a conventional garden, then you need to start one of these gardens. Even if you have never had luck gardening before, this method can work for you.
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