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World's Best Brass Hose Nozzle

Hose Nozzle High Pressure - Lead-Free Brass for Car or Garden - Best Hose Nozzle - Solid Brass Fittings - 2 Nozzle Set - Lifetime Guarantee - Adjustable Water Sprayer From Spray to Jet - Heavy Duty - Fits Standard Hoses - With Gardening Secret E-book

Hose Nozzle High Pressure - Lead-Free Brass for Car or Garden - Best Hose Nozzle - Solid Brass Fittings - 2 Nozzle Set - Lifetime Guarantee - Adjustable Water Sprayer From Spray to Jet - Heavy Duty - Fits Standard Hoses - With Gardening Secret E-book

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  • Made with Lead-Free Brass! This hose nozzle has consistent flow, & completely shuts off, fits great, & turns stunningly smooth, every time!
  • Get the full power & thrust of your faucet's high water pressure: has no water-saver device attached! Also has 4 holes at the top to allow maximum and even water throughput. Other nozzles only have 1 or 2 holes, but this has 4!
  • You can drop this on concrete anytime. It may get scuffed up, but it's going to still work great.
  • Set includes: 2 Solid Brass Hose Nozzles; 6 Hose washers; 4 O-rings; Secret gardening method e-book: How to Have A High-Yield, No-Till, Low-Work Garden
  • Guaranteed for Life: Solid Lead-Free Brass (not brass coated) Hose Nozzle. Inner core is one solid piece.


Five Familiar Nozzle Troubles...

Which Do You Want to Overcome?

1. Other Nozzles Leak Everywhere

Have you ever had a nozzle that was uncontrollable? That sprayed more water over you than the object you are trying to water? And what about the waste those leaks represent? It is also frustrating not having any control over where the leaking water goes. Or not having it shut off, even when the nozzle is clearly in the “off” position.


2. Other Nozzles Break after Only One or Two Seasons of Use

And many nozzles don’t even last one season… some only last a few uses or maybe just a few days before they begin to leak, break, or pose other problems. The cumulative cost of buying a new cheap nozzle every year adds up! You want a nozzle that you can trust to last, even if it gets left outside, or banged around during use. It doesn't feel good to have a nozzle that you handle with kid gloves to make it last longer and that still ends up breaking on you!


3. Other Nozzles have Inconsistent Flow

You may even be better off holding your thumb/finger over an open hose than to deal with the inconsistent flow created by other nozzles. Not to mention the lack of a powerful jet stream, or multiple settings that don’t work, or not being able to spray water in a straight line.


4. Other Nozzles have Multiple Parts

It’s common sense... the greater number of parts, the higher the possibility of things breaking. It’s weird how the cheaper nozzles always seem to have more parts.


5. Other Nozzles are Made Cheaply

Look. There’s a reason why so many other nozzles are less expensive. They take shortcuts in the quality to give you a better price and hope you won't notice. But you really do get what you pay for!

Additional problems experienced with other nozzles include having them lock up, become corroded, or be marketed as a “brass” nozzle only to find they are “brass” coated, and not truly a solid brass nozzle.

Throw away your other nozzles.


The World's Best Heavy-Duty Adjustable Spray 4" Solid Brass Hose Nozzle

…now made with LEAD-FREE brass and Guaranteed for Life!

You can tell the quality of this nozzle at first use.

This is a nozzle that you can drop on your drive all the time, and although it may get pretty scuffed up looking, it’s going to still work flawlessly!

This is the kind of nozzle that you could find in some 100-year-old archaeological dig (100 years from now of course) and resurrect with a little grease, new o-rings, and a washer, and have it working like new again for you.

It’s the kind of nozzle that you remember using back in the 50’s and 60’s when things like this were made in the U.S.A. all the time. Like the kind your grandfather used.

This is the kind of nozzle that your 2-year-old kid or grand-kid could smash on your concrete driveway like drumsticks and still have it work great.

This is a nozzle that has a great, heavy-duty, solid feel in your hand. You know the instant you pick this nozzle up that you are holding a high quality item. This is partially because the nozzle is solid brass through and through… no cheap metal coated with brass here!

One of the keys to the durability of The World’s Best Solid Brass Hose Nozzle is due to its lack of design flaws.

Other brass nozzles are made of 3 pieces… the inner core is “pressed” fit into the base part that screws onto your hose. Unfortunately, this 3-piece design usually fails in a season or two of use. And they typically only have 1 o-ring at the front of the nozzle.

The World’s Best Solid Brass Hose Nozzle has only two major pieces… the outer shell where your hand grips, and which is responsible for adjusting the water flow/spray, and the inner core where the water flows through (which is one and the same piece as the part that attaches to your hose). And there are a 2 rubber o-rings to prevent leaks at the front, not to mention the washer to prevent leaks at the hose connection. 

It's made with LEAD-FREE Brass! And it has 4 holes at the tip instead of the normal 1 or 2 holes, to ensure you get full force and flow and even stream from your water supply.

That’s it! There is beauty in its simplicity. It completely shuts off, fits great, tightens, and turns stunningly smooth every time!

Contributing to its quality feel and operation is the “knurled” pattern. This not only adds style to the nozzle, but gives you something to successfully grip when you need to turn the nozzle on or off with wet or muddy hands.

This is the kind of nozzle that you are going to need to replace often. Not because it didn't last… but because people are going to be “borrowing” it from you and “forgetting” to return it. You may need to re-think your “loaning” policy with this nozzle!

Although this nozzle can be adjusted between a fine mist to a powerful jet spray, it can also be used and adjusted to any setting in-between those extreme points by simply turning the outer shell to adjust the water to your exact preference.

And once adjusted to that position, it will stay there!

The extreme powerful jet spray setting is great for:
~ Washing your car
~ Cleaning your driveway/sidewalk/porch/patio/deck
~ Rinsing your boat

The extreme sprinkler/mist/shower setting is great for:
~ Watering flowers/vegetable plants
~ Watering compost piles
~ Washing your dog

Other settings can be used for:
~ Cleaning pool filters
~ Rinsing off the side of your house
~ Playing water wars with your kids

You want enough pressure to wash your car? Your driveway? Sidewalk? This is your nozzle. It has no water-saver device attached to it, so you get the full power and thrust of your faucet’s water pressure. You can get a lot of water coming out of this nozzle if you have the faucet turned on all the way!

This is the kind of nozzle that can withstand being left outside all year round, even through harsh winters, and still have it hold up and work great for you! It doesn't clog, or have problems shutting off the water flow after being used awhile.

I fully expect you to be pleased with this nozzle… so much so, in fact, that it wouldn't surprise me at all if you were to come back and order a second or third nozzle in a very short period of time after experiencing this nozzle.

After all, if you factor in all those nozzles you've purchased and have thrown away, this life-time guaranteed nozzle becomes a huge money saver, even at double or even triple it’s current price!

If there was ever a nozzle that could really save you time, money, and effort, either in your gardening or other watering/washing chores, this is it! Stop wasting your precious time and money on inferior products.

If you want a nozzle that’s dependable and made to last, then look no further than the king of solid brass nozzles: The World’s Best Heavy-Duty Adjustable Spray 4" Solid Brass Hose Nozzle.

Guaranteed to satisfy and survive... or we will replace it for you!

Your purchase includes:
~ 2 Solid Heavy Duty Lead-Free Brass 4" Hose Nozzles
~ 4 O-rings (already installed inside on the nozzles)
~ 6 Hose washers (extras to keep you running leak free for a very long time)



Purchase now to get our how-to e-book included free:
How To Have Your Own Amazing, High-Yield, No-Till, "Crazy Jungle" Vegetable Garden.

Own a garden that:
~ Is very small and easy to start
~ Only requires 8-10 hours of work per year!
~ Is virtually weed and pest/bug free
~ And can feed your entire family!

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