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World's Best Brass Hose Nozzle

Hose Nozzle High Pressure for Car or Garden - Best Hose Nozzle Made in USA - Solid Brass Fittings - 2 Nozzle Set - Lifetime Guarantee - Adjustable Water Sprayer From Spray to Jet - Heavy Duty - Fits Standard Hoses - With Gardening Secret E-book

Hose Nozzle High Pressure for Car or Garden - Best Hose Nozzle Made in USA - Solid Brass Fittings - 2 Nozzle Set - Lifetime Guarantee - Adjustable Water Sprayer From Spray to Jet - Heavy Duty - Fits Standard Hoses - With Gardening Secret E-book

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  • Made in the USA! This hose nozzle has a steady flow, a great fit, shuts off completely, & turns amazingly smooth, every time!
  • No water-saver device attached! This means…
  • Your faucet’s high water pressure will be available at full power and thrust.
  • It can handle abuse! Even when dropped on concrete, or run over by a truck, it still works great!
  • Set includes: 2 Solid Brass Hose Nozzles; 6 Hose washers; 4 O-rings (o-rings are pre-installed). Also included as a bonus: secret gardening method e-book - How to Have A High-Yield, No-Till, Low-Work Garden.
  • Guaranteed for Life: Heavy-Duty Solid Brass (not brass coated) Hose Nozzle. Inner core is one solid piece.

Best Hose Nozzle Made in the USA!

Five Familiar Nozzle Troubles...
Which Would You Like to Be Done With?

1. No more leaks.

Have you ever owned a leaky hose nozzle? Maybe getting you wetter than your car or the garden you are trying to water? Not to mention the wasted water spraying on you instead of where you intend – how irritating! Then there’s the shut-off feature that never truly shuts off all the way… allowing that steady drip or small stream to keep flowing out.

2. No more buying a new nozzle every year.

Too many cheap nozzles begin to leak, break, or have other problems within just a few uses. Having to purchase new hose nozzles each season adds up… even if you are buying the really cheap kind! Get this heavy duty hose nozzle… you can depend on it even if you leave it out, or it gets banged up over the years.

3. No more inconsistent flow.

Have you ever resorted to just putting your thumb or finger over the end of the hose rather than having to mess with a faulty hose nozzle? Or dealt with an inconsistent jet stream that won’t even spray in a straight line? No longer. This nozzle produces the spray you select, consistently!

4. No more fragile parts.

To get more features, they add more parts. But more parts simply introduces more points of potential failure. The best nozzle does a marvelous range of jobs with the simplicity of only a very few parts. Our nozzle has just 2 brass parts. The results this extremely simple yet highly effective design produces are amazing!

5. No more cheap quality.

Look. There's a big reason why plenty of other nozzles are cheaper. They use shortcuts in the manufacturing to offer you a cheaper price and hope you will miss the lack of quality. But you rarely get more than what you pay for! With these low quality options, you end up with nozzles that lock up, corrode, leak, or are made with cheap metal or plastic, and not solid brass. Our nozzles sell at a premium price because they are premium made. Guaranteed for life quality you can rely upon.

Throw out those bad hose nozzles!


The World's Best Heavy-Duty Adjustable Spray 4" Solid Brass Hose Nozzle

...Guaranteed for life!

The high quality of this hose nozzle stands out the instant you open the package. There's just no substitute for that heavy-duty quality feel in your hand!

With this hose nozzle, you can drop it and rough-house with it continuously, and though it might get a bit scuffed up, it's still going to perform as good as the day you bought it! No more babying the end of your hose to avoid damaging the nozzle!

This is the kind of hose nozzle that you could bury deep in your backyard, and 100's of years from now some archaeologist could dig it up, apply a little grease, brand-new o-rings, and have it working like new once again.

It's the sort of hose nozzle quality that comes to mind when you think back to the 50's when things such as this were actually made in the U.S.A. all the time. Like the kind your grandpa probably used. They just work and stand the test of time.

This is the type of nozzle that some 2-year-old youngster might smash on your cement driveway... as if playing the drums... and still have it function great without breaking or falling apart.

This hose nozzle possesses a fantastic, durable, heavy-duty feel to it when you pick it up. The second you pick it up, you know it's a quality hose nozzle. This is partially due to the fact that it is actually made of 100% brass through and through. Many other inferior options are made of inexpensive metals that have a thin layer of brass coating on the outside to make you think you are getting a brass nozzle.

One of the major factors contributing to the quality of The World's Best Brass Hose Nozzle is due to the way it is designed.

Most other similar looking hose nozzles are actually crafted from 3 pieces ... the inner shaft of these nozzles are "pressed" into the base component that screws onto the end of your hose. Then there's the outer shaft that screws on top. Regrettably, this 3-piece design generally fails in a season or two of use. The press-fit seam just isn't designed to handle lots of abuse, and will crack and leak, or present other problems.

The World's Best Brass Hose Nozzle has just two  brass components... the outer shell where your hand grasps, which also is used for adjusting the flow/spray function of the hose nozzle, and the interior shaft where the water circulates through. This inner shaft is one piece and is the part that also is connected to the end of your hose.

Another design difference is that most nozzles just have 1 o-ring at their tip to prevent leaks and to perform the water shut-off function. The World's Best Brass Hose Nozzle contains 2 o-rings to ensure a leak-free performance, not only at the tip but also at the base of the nozzle. This ensures that water only comes out where and when it's supposed to!

There is actually a bit of beauty in the simplicity of this design. It turns off completely and operates smoothly and hassle-free!

But watch out! You’ll need to keep an eye on this hose nozzle, because your friends and family are definitely going to be wanting to borrow it from you, and may even forget to return it!

The “knurled” pattern on the outside of the hose nozzle is more than just for looks... it ensures you have a "grippy" surface for your fingers to grab onto, even if your hands are slippery. This makes it easy to grip and rotate the nozzle through it's various adjustments - from the off position, to the mist position, to the spray position, to the jet-stream position, and all the spraying patterns in-between. It can adapt to whatever flow you need by simply rotating the outer shaft, and as soon as you start the rotation the flow changes, and remains there until you rotate it again. No more constant adjustments to maintain your favorite spray setting, or sore finger muscles from continuously squeezing the nozzle handle!

This hassle-free and easy to use design makes this hose nozzle great for:

  • washing your car
  • cleaning your driveway/porch/patio or deck
  • or rinsing a boat.

At the same time, it’s great for misting your plants, the compost pile, or giving your dog a bath.

It can also be used to:

  • Clean swimming pool filters
  • Rinse away debris
  • Spray your children with water for fun summer play

Do you need good pressure to clean the car? Your garage? The walkway? Then this is your nozzle! You get the full power and thrust of your spout's water pressure.

It's also weather-resistant. Solid brass is naturally resistant to the corrosive effects that rain, wind, and the weather have upon other metals and plastics, causing them to fail.

You are really going to enjoy using this nozzle… I'm so confident of this, it actually wouldn't surprise me if you came back and ordered a second or even a third set just to share with others as a gift. 

How many nozzles have you thrown away? This is the last hose nozzle you are likely to need. Due to it's lifetime guarantee, purchasing this set is a no-brainer... even at 2 or 3 times the current price!

If a nozzle could help you conserve time, money and effort with your gardening and other outdoor chores, this is it!  Don’t waste any more money or time on nozzles of lesser quality.

You need a hose nozzle that is reliable, made to last, and has no comparison – order The World's Best Heavy-Duty Adjustable Spray 4’ Brass Hose Nozzle.

I Guarantee this will last and satisfy... but if for some reason it doesn't, you can simply contact me to get a refund or exchange it for another!

Your purchase includes:

  • 2 Solid Heavy Duty Brass 4" Adjustable Hose Nozzles
  • 4 O-rings (pre-installed)
  • 6 Hose washers (extras to keep all your connections leak-free)


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  • Easy to maintain
  • Just demands 8-10 hrs of job a year (after initial setup phase)
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