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World's Best Brass Hose Nozzle

Hose Nozzle High Pressure - Lead-Free Brass for Car or Garden - Best Hose Nozzle - Solid Brass Fittings - Lifetime Guarantee - Adjustable Water Sprayer From Spray to Jet - Heavy Duty - Fits Standard Hoses - With Gardening Secret E-book - Single Pack

Hose Nozzle High Pressure - Lead-Free Brass for Car or Garden - Best Hose Nozzle - Solid Brass Fittings - Lifetime Guarantee - Adjustable Water Sprayer From Spray to Jet - Heavy Duty - Fits Standard Hoses - With Gardening Secret E-book - Single Pack

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  • This is the #1 highest selling 99.9% lead-free solid brass hose nozzle on Amazon. Many gardeners don't know that 100% lead-free brass doesn't exist. Regular brass nozzles can legally have as much as 790 times or more lead in them! And outdoor nozzles don’t fall under drinking water regulations. Our nozzle is considered to be safe for use in your vegetable garden or other places where lead contamination may be a concern. It is well within the standards set for drinking water applications.
  • Nostalgic, old-school craftsmanship. Heavy-duty, easily maintained. Works 100% perfect, from producing a fine mist to a powerful stream. Nothing beats the functionality of this old-fashioned design, especially when they are this quality made and heavy-duty. The range of adjustment from a fine mist to a blasting stream makes this a very versatile nozzle for many applications, including watering your garden or washing your car and driveway. Has consistent flow, fits great, turns smoothly.
  • Where most brass nozzles only have 1 or 2 holes at the tip of the nozzle for water flow, the World’s Best Hose Nozzle has 4. We engineered 2 extra holes to give you maximum amount of water flow. There is no water-saver or pressure-reducer. You get the full power and thrust from your faucet. The 2 extra holes aid in a more even stream and spray distribution. There are 2 easily replaceable o-rings at the tip. This gives maximum leak-free performance you can only find with a premium nozzle.
  • Included in this set is: a 4” Solid Brass 99.9% Lead-Free Hose Nozzle, 6 Hose Washers, and our Quality Lifetime Customer Support. This nozzle is the highest customer satisfaction rated brass hose nozzle. Guaranteed not to leak! Guaranteed to last your lifetime! Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! Guaranteed to Satisfy and Survive! If any of these guarantees are not met, we will happily refund your money or ship you a free replacement.
  • Free amazingly high-yield easy gardening how-to eBook included with your purchase! This practical guide introduces you to the concept of low-hassle, low-maintenance gardening. Once setup, this particular type of garden can produce an abundance of food for your family with as little as 10 hours per year of work! Instructions on how to obtain the eBook are included with the hose nozzle.

Any thinking person who wants a quality hose nozzle would want it to never leak, last a lifetime, and spray evenly without rooster tails or jumbled spots. But if you're a gardener who's also concerned about contaminating your organic garden, this is the nozzle for you.

50+ years ago this simple quality and heavy-duty nozzle was largely the only type around. Now cheap plastic seems to be the standard.

We went on a mission to create the World’s Best Lead-Free Solid Brass Hose Nozzle. To make your “last-only-one-year-or-less” cheap nozzle hassles be gone. This will last your lifetime. It is built as solid as a tank.

When it’s off, it’s off! No leaks! The control is excellent... just a simple one-handed turn of the nozzle’s smooth barrel action changes the spray pattern nicely from a wide fine mist or light spray for delicate flowers and plants, to a narrow and full power water jet stream spray great for washing your car or cleaning the sidewalk. Once adjusted to that position, it stays there by itself!

To water your garden, set your faucet to medium velocity. Then, set this hose nozzle to a medium spray and enjoy giving that life-sustaining and refreshing water all over your healthy plants. Since it’s made with 99.9% lead-free brass, you don’t have to worry about contaminating your organic vegetables.

This hose nozzle is virtually indestructible. It has only solid pieces (no parts "press" fit together). The inner shaft has 4 holes for optimum water flow. The nozzle can withstand being run over by your car, dropped on concrete, and just take all the good abuse that quality garden tools can handle. It may get scuffed, but it’s going to still work great. Should dirt get stuck inside it can be easily dismantled and cleaned out.

Don’t waste any more time or money on nozzles that you’ll have to replace next year. To buy this nozzle now simply scroll up and click on the “add to cart” button.

 Guaranteed to satisfy and survive... or we will replace it for you!

Your purchase includes:
~ 1Solid Heavy Duty Lead-Free Brass 4" Hose Nozzles
~ O-rings (already installed inside on the nozzles)
~ 6 Hose washers (extras to keep you running leak free for a very long time)



Purchase now to get our how-to e-book included free:
How To Have Your Own Amazing, High-Yield, No-Till, "Crazy Jungle" Vegetable Garden.

Own a garden that:
~ Is very small and easy to start
~ Only requires 8-10 hours of work per year!
~ Is virtually weed and pest/bug free
~ And can feed your entire family!

This book is currently selling on, but we'll give it to you FREE as our way of saying "Thanks" for being our valued customer.

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