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World's Best Brass Hose Nozzle

World's Best Garden Hose Lead Free Quick Connect Male Adapter

World's Best Garden Hose Lead Free Quick Connect Male Adapter

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  • Provides More Flexibility. Have you ever had to buy more female adapters than you needed, simply to get the male adapters that came along with them? No more! This special MALE ONLY package is made just to suit your needs!
  • Heavy Duty,  Built Like A Tank To Withstand Abuse! Guaranteed For LIFE! The sturdy quality and solid feeling of these well-made quick connect MALE adapters will last you for years. In fact, they are guaranteed to last you for life... if they don't, we'll send you a free replacement! You are not likely to ever buy another. Don't waste your time or money on anything else. Other companies offer similar fittings. But none that we have found can live up to the quality of this product. They can take abuse and just keep working. They won't break, crack, or come apart if you happen to tug on the hose a little too hard. You can use them in all kinds of ways, such as to connect your impact sprinklers, hand sprayers, or even to connect different hoses together. All brass construction... no aluminum, no plastic!
  • Secure Connection: Easy Off-And-On Adapter Provides A Tight, Secure Fit, No-Leak Connection. This fits as tightly and securely as an air compressor fitting with no leaks. There are no leaks when connecting to the hose, or to the faucet, or to your watering nozzle. Attaches or detaches easily. The quality of these adapters surpasses other quick connects adapters. It's the type of quality that you never regret buying.
  • Qty: 3 male garden hose quick connect adapters that connect with The World's Best Garden Hose Quick Connector female adapter. Fits standard garden hoses, nozzles, and other watering tools. Designed exclusively to match The World's Best Garden Hose Quick Connect Adapters; may also work with other brands.
  • If You Don't Have One Of These, Do Yourself A Favor And Get One Now! You Will Not Find Anything Else Better Made!

The Male Adapter For The World's Best Garden Hose Quick Connect Adapter Set

Have you ever wanted to use your garden hose quick connect adapter on multiple nozzles or other watering tools, but didn't have enough male adapters to go around?

This package was created specifically to allow you to get more male adapters without having to be forced to buy additional female adapters that you don't need.

These quality, all-brass male adapters are proudly MADE IN THE USA, and come with a lifetime warranty.

We guarantee these to work 100% with The World's Best Garden Hose Quick Connect Adapter Set. Although they may also work with other brands, we haven't yet tested them for other brands.

This is the male end for the female adapters (sold separately). These male ends fit onto your sprinkler, nozzle, or sprayer. The female ends fit the end of your hose or the spigot.

These male garden hose quick connect adapters work great for many uses, not just garden hose nozzles or sprinklers. Other popular uses include making the process of hooking up/unhooking your RV water connection a real quick and easy task.

Plastic/aluminum/rubber products tend to fail very quickly. We are confident this all brass product will give you a lifetime of use! It is not brass plated aluminum. Rather, this is solid brass through-and-through!

We deliver only the very highest quality products that we can find. This product stands up to the outdoor environment very well. We are so confident in the quality that we unhesitatingly provide it to you with a lifetime warranty. Simply let us know if it fails to meet or exceed your expectations, and we will promptly issue you a refund or replacement.

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