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Tips on Running a Handyman Business January 12, 2023 00:10

A handyman business has many benefits, one of which is solving issues for clients and getting feedback immediately. If you have a skill such as fixing home electrical appliances, plumbing, or laying floors, you can turn it into a business. World’s Best Brass Hose Nozzle presents this guide to help you get started.

Choose a Specialty

There are several ways to decide on a handyman specialty. If you already possess a skill, you can register a business and get started. Alternatively, if you know someone you can work under, then you can request an apprenticeship opportunity. You can also find a school or a program that teaches hands-on skills.

Before you get started, you’ll also need to find out the proper certification required to practice your chosen handyman skills. You can often obtain a short-term license first and then pay for a longer one after you're up and running.

Register Your Business

There are a few different options for registering a business. Perhaps the most popular choice is a limited liability company, or LLC. If you start an LLC, you’ll have protection for your personal assets should your company fall on hard financial times in the future, and you’ll also enjoy tax benefits.

Spend some time reviewing the pros and cons of different business entities to see which makes the most sense for your company.

Market Your Business

Before starting your business, think about how you will market it. Do you want to be the face of the business, or do you want the business to have its own name? You can create free custom logos online to go along with the business name. There are free-to-use websites where you can design your logo by choosing the styles and icons you want and then adding text.

Find Clients

The best way to begin finding clients is to let your friends and family know about your new business. Whenever you get work, share images and captions on social media. Let your audience see your passion for your craft. Take them on the journey of your growth. Ask new clients to refer you to their friends.

Leverage Software

As you begin your business, you'll be responsible for all operations. You'll have to find new clients, schedule appointments, invoice clients, and more. You should find software to help streamline your operations. For instance, using professional software to get estimates for materials to complete your work can provide huge time savings. This service means you can send out bids faster and get estimates on the go when you need them most.

Build a Website

A website is a great way for people in your area to discover your business. Whereas social media pages help you market your services, a website serves several purposes. First, a website lets you explain all your services in detail. You can even optimize your content for the area you live in so local residents can easily find your services via an online search. If you use paid advertising, landing pages can increase your conversion rate.

As the business grows, you can add functionality to your website, including the ability to accept payments. When deciding on a payment solution, find a gateway that accepts payments from as many sources as possible. Another factor to consider is the fees the gateway provider charges you or your clients for payment processing.

Become Your Own Boss

Starting your own handyman business can be the pathway to a fulfilling and rewarding life. As your business grows, you can hire more people so that you can focus on business development. Focus on choosing the right business structure, and using networking and marketing to get a solid client base. And take advantage of great construction takeoff software so you can get estimates out and projects started quickly. With a little time and a lot of effort, you can get your successful handyman business going.

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How To Start Earning by Promoting Your Home Improvement Projects Online December 31, 2022 23:18

One of the prominent trends observed during the pandemic was an uptick in DIY home improvements across the US. As individuals spent prolonged periods indoors, they channeled efforts toward making their homes better. This is represented in research conducted by Storage Café, which found that 52% of individuals completed at least one home improvement project. The recent popularity of DIY projects means that more and more individuals are looking for good resources to start their own projects. In this article, we’ll explore the step-by-step process you can follow to monetize your DIY efforts.

Create a DIY Blog

A blog is a perfect medium to showcase and promote your DIY projects. There are a host of free blog creators that you can use to design and manage your website. Additionally, as the blog grows in popularity, you’ll be able to easily incorporate monetization methods such as affiliate links, promo codes, and more.

When starting out, it’ll be best to focus on a niche. For instance, you can choose to cover projects related to bedroom improvements. This can further be broken down into projects based on cost, difficulty level, and time investment. Social media posts (organic and paid advertisements) will be your go-to method for driving traffic to the website post-launch.

Look for Simple Ways to Promote Yourself on Social Media

Social media can be an effective tool to promote yourself or your brand. From witty posts to memes, you can generate interest with no money up front. One helpful way to draw attention on social media is by using infographics. These allow people to quickly digest and comprehend complex ideas, making them popular with users. It's also easy for you to create your own infographics with any number of available infographic creators (check this out, for instance). They make it simple to gather data, produce visuals, and share valuable information with your audience on social media. Crafting intelligent, informative, and attractive infographics through a creator will help increase engagement and make you more recognizable across the web.

Implement Good SEO Practices

One of the main criteria Google and other search engines use to rank a website is SEO (search engine optimization). The better the SEO on your site, the higher it will rank, resulting in more traffic and conversions. The basic SEO rules to follow for a new blog will be:

  • Using tools such as Google trends to find keywords with high search volumes in your niche.
  • Including the keyword in your main title, headings, meta description, and multiple times across the blog.
  • Adding interactive content such as images and videos in the blog with proper alt-tags.
  • Using SEO apps such as Yoast SEO to optimize blogs in accordance with search engine expectations.

Use Multiple Monetization Mediums

Once the blog starts receiving a consistent flow of traffic, implement the following types of monetization:

  • Affiliate Links: Companies such as Amazon and Walmart run affiliate programs that you can sign up for. They will provide you with product links to be included in the blog. You’ll be paid a commission each time a sale is made using the link.
  • Advertisements: Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher, and Taboola are a few of the many advertising platforms you can use to run ads on the blog. Depending on your agreement, you could be paid for the number of views or clicks you drive to the ad.
  • Sponsored Posts: This method involves accepting requests by companies to promote their products on your website. For instance, you will need to pitch their products in your blog and speak highly regarding their quality and price. Not only will you be paid for the promotion but also earn a commission based on sales.

Establish an LLC

Once you start earning from the blog, it’s best to establish the business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). With an LLC, your personal assets will be protected from all business-related liabilities that can arise from issues with sponsors and ad providers. Additionally, you can use business expenses as tax write-offs! Rather than doing the legwork yourself, use a formation service to establish your LLC in the state where you reside.

Consider a Home Equity Loan

Consistently undertaking DIY projects will come at a cost. If there’s a time you plan to start a major remodeling project, a home equity loan is an option that is often better than personal loan options. A home’s equity is calculated by subtracting the remaining mortgage amount from the current value of the home (which is bound to have increased, given the past improvements through DIY projects). Compared to a personal loan, a home equity loan typically has lower interest rates and longer repayment periods.

DIY home improvement is a growing trend you can capitalize on to create a secondary source of income. Using the resources shared in this article, whether it be for monetization, setting up an LLC, or an equity loan, you’ll be able to make the most of your efforts and make this endeavor successful.

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