Homesteading Property: A Rewarding Way  to Live Out Your Golden Years

Homesteading Property: A Rewarding Way to Live Out Your Golden Years

For many seniors, the ideal retirement is one where they’re sitting back, relaxing, and letting go of all their worries. That sounds blissful and idyllic, but an empty schedule can also be a source of dread and anxiety for many. Enter homesteading: an opportunity to pursue a fulfilling hobby by going back to the basics. According to Garden Beast, homesteading is a growing trend among hip retirees as a way to enjoy their golden years while creating a future home for generations to come.

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Why Homesteading?

This practice involves creating a self-sufficient lifestyle, which comes with numerous benefits for seniors. It is the perfect opportunity to live off your land and tend to a garden and some livestock. And unlike traditional retirement, homesteading is going to keep you booked and busy. This review by PMC Labs suggests that 54% of seniors feel dependent on their children and experience immense boredom. Well, homesteading is the perfect way to gain back your independence! It’ll also keep you physically active and mentally occupied and help cut down on your budget. A bonus is that you’ll be able to host family whenever you desire and create lasting memories with your loved ones in your uniquely designed space.

Finding the Perfect Property

The first step in acquiring a bigger home is to decide on a budget. Look for simple deals — a foreclosed or remote property is an excellent way to bring down the asking price. You can also find an affordable property by constantly comparing prices in the region and buying into a dip.

Next, you’ll want to look for land that will work with your goals — for example, a water source is a must for homesteading hobbies, but some might wish to use arable land or a fishing pond for sustenance. Remember to ensure that the property is zoned agricultural so that you’re able to keep small livestock! Also, consider the access to the property, and who is responsible for maintaining the road if there’s harsh weather like heavy rain or snowfall.

It can be challenging to figure out how much square footage you’ll want for your future home. Just remember that additional footage comes with relentless maintenance and constant work. Most seniors enjoy isolated, wide-open spaces, but too much space can become a detriment to long-term health.

Lastly, consider how you’ll be sourcing your power. Do you want to live on or off the grid? Solar panels are an effective way to contribute effectively to the environment, as is wind power.

Live Large

You finally did the thing — you bought the land and have the dream property! Now what? You’ll likely have a bigger space than you need, for which we recommend organizing rooms by activity. You’ll be able to designate areas for entertaining, hobbies (like a sewing room or woodshop), and even a playroom for when the little ones visit!

Ensure you’re all set up for your farming lifestyle with a shed to house all your power tools, gardening and hose parts, and any other necessary equipment. If you’re running a business from home, you’ll likely want a home office set up, as well. Consider forming an LLC to set up your business as efficiently as your home. LLCs are easily created when you work with a formation service (and you’ll avoid the heavy lifting, too). Some other benefits include avoiding double-taxation, decreased administrative hassles, and increased flexibility. Click here to learn more about how to set up an LLC.

In conclusion, homesteading is a fulfilling and rewarding way to enjoy your retirement. Living off your land and providing for your near and dear ones provides unparalleled satisfaction. Excited by this sustainable proposition? Get started on the retirement of your dreams today!

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