World's Best Brass Nozzle Announces Development of New Lead-Free Hose Nozzle

Oklahoma City, OK – October 1, 2014 – The World’s Best Brass Hose Nozzle announced today it’s intentions to soon begin offering a new design of it’s bestselling, high quality, long lasting adjustable spray nozzles to the marketplace. The company has a strong focus on quality and seeks to create long lasting products that don’t disappoint. A significant difference included in this new design is the type of lead-free brass being used to make the hose nozzle.

“Many customers are significantly concerned about the lead elements contained in normal solid brass gardening accessories, such as hose nozzles,” company founder Joshua Jantz said. “Our new nozzles are made of a type of brass labeled as “lead-free” because the amount of lead contained in them is significantly lower than standard brass… as much as 10 or more times lower. Consumers can confidently use these new nozzles in their gardens without fear of lead consumption.”

The company announced other improvements to the design as well, including re-positioning of the knurls to make for a better grip, more holes in the tip of the nozzle to allow for maximum water throughput, and a sleeker, more modern design.

Jantz claims that the new hose nozzle will still work as good as the old design. “Our new nozzle is taking the old classic design and making it fun to use in the modern world. It still has the classic performance that makes this a 5-star nozzle, but is now heavier duty and better designed with lead-free brass.”

The company plans to release the new lead-free hose nozzle for sale on during the 4th quarter of 2014. The company’s existing hose nozzle designs are currently for sale on, but the company is considering discontinuing the old design once the new lead-free design is released.

The World’s Best Brass Hose Nozzle was founded in 2013 when Joshua Jantz sought a solution to the common frustration of leaky hose nozzles. “I seek to offer a hose nozzle that I can be proud to use and share with the world. The World’s Best Brass Hose Nozzle accomplishes this. It is made entirely of machined brass, with no press-fit pieces, and is durable and long lasting. The rubber washer and o-rings are easily replaced making this nozzle one that will last for a lifetime without leaking. I’m proud of this product and once a consumer tries it they will understand why.”

The company stands behind their lifetime guarantee. Customers simply notify the company when a problem or lack of satisfaction occurs, and the company either replaces or refunds the customer.

About The World’s Best Brass Hose Nozzle

The World’s Best Brass Hose Nozzle is a new company offering quality brass hose nozzles. The nozzles combine time honored quality with modern innovation. Each nozzle is made from machined brass to create a durable nozzle that won’t fall apart. To learn more about the company or their product please visit:


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Hi Kevin! It’s still on our long-term plan, but it’ll probably be a couple years, unfortunately. The development costs to re-create the product in a lead-free version is a bit out of our reach right now. Unless we were to do like a kick-starter launch and gather the needed funds that way. Hmmm… may have to look into that!

Joshua Jantz

Hi Joshua. Your answer to Brian from May of 2017 regarding the availability of a lead-free version quick connect indicated you have plans for such on the “future to-do list”. We are now 7 months further into the “future”! Where do you now stand on producing such a product? Like Brian, I require a lead-free version of a quick connect system. Thank you.


Hi Brian! While we don’t have immediate plans to develop a lead-free quick connect, it is on the future to-do list! Glad to hear that you would be interested in this type of product. Thanks for the feedback. ~Joshua

Joshua Jantz

I am lookinig for a hose quick connect but I need one that is drinking water safe (i.e. no lead). Do you have plans to develop a new version of your quick connects as well?


Hi Sharmila! We are constantly seeking to keep up with customer demand :) So, if we are showing out of stock at the moment, just check back in a few days, and hopefully we’ll have been able to re-supply in the meantime. Of course, if there is a specific product you are interested in, let us know and we can tell you more specific re-stocking information. Thanks for your feedback!

Joshua Jantz

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